Church Planting

We receive more and more questions about Church planting. That is something we definitely want to support within Grace Alliance. We absolutely love to help existing churches to transition into grace but we also believe that we will see many new churches all over Europe.


Ps. Ben Stolz from Switzerland and Ps. Marcel Gaasenbeek from the Netherlands have both already been involved in several Church planting in different countries. They have it on their heart to help and will corporate in this pioneering part of the Grace movement. Coming June, Grace Church from Ps. Ben will host the first Church Planting Conference.


If you are interested to plant a church and/or to visit the conference in June, please contact Ben. If you already want to start a home or bible study group as preparation for a possible church plant, we have a foundational course ‘Grace Fundamentals’ available in several languages. If you are interested, please sent us an e-mail.

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