Happy 2019? Forget about the past!

Are you ready for a new season? Although some of us think immediately skiing or ice skating, we don’t mean in the natural. Within Grace Alliance we believe that 2019 is a year of significant change. To you that might sound like just yet another ‘prophetic lyric’. That’s understandable. We’ve all witnessed some stuff which appeared to be not so prophetic. I sometimes looked back at my own year theme thinking: What happened?!

The danger of these experiences is that we don’t believe in change or new seasons anymore. So how to get ready for a new season? Let me share a word from Pastor Prince with you. Although September in Essen was the official start of Grace Alliance, three years before we had a ‘try out’ in Switzerland. At the end of that meeting, we made video connection with Singapore and did Q&A with Pastor Prince. Lots of fun, lots of good stuff, but he also had a specific word for us: FORGET ABOUT THE PAST.

That might be the best way to get to start believing again for a new season in your life. I don’t know what it means for you personally, but you can apply it to all which is not of eternal value. All which doesn’t help you in the future, cast it on the Lord.

It is also good to remind one another: grace is not just another move. Grace is not ‘the topic of the season’. Grace makes all the difference in the world and in the heavens! Even if some things seem to have gone south after your heard the gospel of grace, God is Immanuel. He loves you and He’s right there to help you and your faith.

Happy 2019! Rather sooner than later.

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