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The job of leading a church is not an easy one. There are multiple demands on pastors to not only provide spiritual direction but also to help bring staff and volunteers along on the journey. Mobilising people around the important things is what good leaders do, at all levels of an organisation. Building this capability in leaders to mobilise others around the things most worth doing – It involves vision, strategy and the skills to manage yourself and others. Many of the issues that leaders face are caused by a lack of skill in these areas. The good news is that there is practical help available that can help you learn and grow as a great leader.

Our Leadership Development programme is centred around helping you to develop a strong, grace based leadership culture in your church. The modules are tried and tested in church as well as in the business world. We deal in real life issues that pastors deal with every day. We want you to become much more aware of yourself and to develop the skills required to lead people well. To find out how we can help your church please get in touch.


Leading yourself and leading others

Proclaim specialises in developing exceptional leaders trough a series of interventions that create leaders who have impact and influence.

We improve the performance of leaders, executives & managers through a range of practical applications. Our purpose is simple: to build knowledge, skills & confidence in order that you can influence & impact through exceptional communication.


Andrew Toogood

Andrew is a communicatior & leader with over 18 years experience in the commercial and non-profit sectors. His approach is down to earth, humorous and he has a natural ability to motivate & inspire his audience.

A member of the LTD, he specialises in building leaders and teams developing Emotional Intelligence, resilience, exceptional communicatie, influence & persuasion, presentation and public speaking.


What happens at LDP

Module 1: Self smart. People smart.
What does it mean to be an emotionally intelligent leader & why does it matter?

Module 2:Bouncing back.
The topic of resiliency & mental toughness is constantly mentioned as a critical competency for people who lead.

Module 3: Getting through exceptional interpersonal communication.
The art of communication is the language of leadership.

Module 4: Difficult people & difficult conversations.
Conflict is a normal part of community, how do we handle it?

Module 5: Becoming a coach & mentor.
As a leader we want to develop a culture of coaching.

Module 6: Effective meetings.
How to run an effective meeting and drive new levels of impact in your organisation.


Learn more about Proclaim and the Leadership Development Programme on their website: www.proclaimconsulting.com/ldp.

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