What if the response to grace teaching is wrong?

There are examples where people hear grace and use it for their own, fleshly agenda. I’ve met a guy who, being unhappy in his marriage, used grace as an excuse to commit adultery.


With some exception it’s maybe one out of 100, but still as Pastors we sense that we need to do something about that. You cannot look away from such situation, hoping that it goes away.


Asking the Lord about this, he showed me a ‘wrong response’ in the book of act and I made a sermon of it, which is available for free.


What can you expect:


  • What leads to the fear of ‘abuse’
  • Why never change the message
  • Don’t worry, the grace of God cannot be abused, only the word grace can be abused.
  • How to deal with the ‘abuser’
  • All Bible based approach and Bible based solutions


Watch the entire sermon on YouTube.

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